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Our Story

heQu Group Inc was founded in 2018 by KamalikaDasgupta, to help,support and promote LBTQIA+ women from ethnic backgrounds. The word “She” represents the pronoun that helps to refer women, girls and “Qu” is the short form of “Queer”. “SheQu” together in Chinese means Community.

Kamalika had moved to Australia to pursue higher education and to give herself the space and time to learn to empower herself, love herself and to be more accepting of herself. Along the journey, she had encountered multiple challenges– from being a minority within a minority to trying to establish herself in Australia. She soon realized that there were many others in similar situations or even worse – and without much support. She decided that the negativity and stigma should end, that is when the idea of a support network came about.

Kamalika wants to be the last person to suffer what she has suffered due to gender, sexuality and ethnicity in this world.

Kamalika hasn’t looked back since – SheQu Group Inc has grown from strength to strength with programs planned to help culturally and linguistically diverse LGBTQIA+ women in our society.

We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and give voice to LGBT+ Women from Multicultural Background, by helping, supporting and promoting them.

We do this by creating events, workshops and advocacy dedicated only for queer women from ethnic backgrounds.

Our Vision

Our vision is a society where LBTQIA+ women from ethnic backgrounds have equal opportunities. Our vision is a world where all women have equity!

  • Encourage – we want to provide ethnic women a safe and brave platform to encourage them in gaining access to services, support and knowledge in health and well being – physically or mentally.  

  • Empower – we want to provide ethnic women with confidence, dignity and resilience to empower them in developing themselves as strong and independent individuals and to allow them to then further empower others in the community.  

  • Enable – we want to provide ethnic women with access to a range of social programs that is designed to enable them to expand their network, build a strong community and creating a safe space for them to grow and support each other.