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LGBTQIA+ women from culturally and linguistically diverse background, experience social isolation, carrier barriers and cross-cultural barriers on a daily basis. Though people and companies are committing to gender equality, but cultural equality and lgbt+ equality is underrepresented. That’s when SheQu Group comes in.

We run event, programs and workshops that help LGBT+ women from ethnic backgrounds advance and create opportunities for themselves.We help outbusinesses turn words into action, and action into outcomes. We work with companies and organizations who are publicly committed to gender, sexuality and ethnicity equality.

Testimonial of our partner – “It was a pleasure to partner with SheQu to facilitate a career coaching workshop for their members. SheQu Is a fantastic organisation that is proactive and true to its values and mission. The founder, Kamalika, is inspiring and a delight to work with. I look forward to collaborating again in the future.” – Kate Stephenson